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Becoming a CEO (and founder)

You might already know, but now that the message has spread: I’m officially CEO and founder of Future Dojo, the Business Education joint venture between ACE and EXAME. Well, it has even dominated the pages of one of the most influential business magazines While I’m still really early in my journey (since Jan/2021, officially), after…

Lemon trees and businesses, jabuticabeiras and people

I have a small lemon tree in my backyard. We bought it almost a year ago, with barely any branches or leaves, and at a minimal size. Along with an also small tangerine tree and a “jabuticabeira” (not any chance I’ll translate this), they are the stars of my garden. Then, it became my hobby…

Long time, no see

Long time, no see. Sorry, I’ve been busy, but I have a lot to tell. Since my last post, I have become the founder and CEO of Future Dojo, a joint venture between ACE and EXAME (one of the most traditional Brazilian magazines).  A company created to empower people to unlock their growth and create…