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Felipe Collins

Hi, I’m Felipe Collins

I am passionate about Growth. Personal, professional, cognitive, financial, spiritual, and physical. Whatever Growth type or application, you name it, I’ll like it and seek it (especially on the learning part).

This is my safe space to bounce around some growth stories, findings, and ideas, and to see what sticks.

We can start with my own growth story, from the beginning. You can read it here:

A Growth Mind Story: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5

If “What You Do Is Who You Are“, here is what I do: I help people and businesses to grow. And I teach. And learn.

I have just stepped down as CEO of Future Dojo, a joint venture EdTech focused on Innovation Skills and Human skills and created by EXAME, the most prominent and respected business media outlet in Brazil, and ACE, an innovation venture builder. As a CEO, I led both Product and Growth Teams, building a 7-figure business from scratch with 5x completion rate and customer feedback (NPS 70+)

My journey at ACE started as “the only marketing guy” on a team of seven people all along to CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of a company with 100+ employees and different business units, such as the innovation consulting firm ACE Cortex, and ACE Startups, one of Latin America’s leading early-stage Venture Capital. Working directly as a VC investor and board member for startups, I had the honor of helping entrepreneurs find and build the “next big thing.”

I am also keen on Education as both fuel and propeller of new opportunities, and that’s why I am an MBA Professor at ESPM, one of the most accredited Brazilian Marketing universities, and in other business schools. I teach on subjects such as “Agile Methods,” “Agile Marketing,” “Entrepreneurship,” “Startup Management,” “Growth Hacking,” and more.

As a high-energy professional with an entrepreneurial mindset, I always seek to fuel my curiosity and meet new people, goals, and challenges. Also, I’m a proud father to Nicolas and love to talk about books, sports, humor, and how stuff works.

You can find more (cool, I guess) stuff about me on my LinkedIn, Instagram @felipecollinsfig or links below – most of them in Portuguese, but you can always translate 😉