Becoming a CEO (and founder)

You might already know, but now that the message has spread: I’m officially CEO and founder of Future Dojo, the Business Education joint venture between ACE and EXAME.

Well, it has even dominated the pages of one of the most influential business magazines

While I’m still really early in my journey (since Jan/2021, officially), after short stints serving as CEO of KOPA Comunicação, a content marketing agency that I also founded (and ended in 2014), I can already share some new insights I have learned as chief executive officer. 

I can’t ever speak as a guru, and I still have a loooooong way to go to become a super experienced and seasoned CEO, but still, I found some interesting things in this early experience – and I feel quite comfortable on this position (specially as a founder).

Also, after years in the Venture Capital industry, advising entrepreneurs, it is quite funny to see you are seeing quite the same early-stage situations. 

Here are a few insights (I’ll add some more on the list):

  • Your word has real power. Be honest and careful about what you say, how you say it, and what you commit to. People will remember and react to it;
  • Networking isn’t just nice to have. It is essential. Talent, customers, business partners, and powerful insights come from talking to people. Every day; 
  • You’ll probably commit mistakes and forget things in your own business in the same topic you already advised someone on; 
  • You’ll have problems. Running away from them, looking the other way, or masking them won’t solve anything. Known unkowns are way better that unkown unkowns. Tackle problems head first.
  • Eat your own dog food. Do your courses, use your product, talk relentlessly to customers. This is the veryu best way to gather insights. Even if you’re not your persona, you should be obsessive about creating a great experience.
  • It is wonderful to see the very foundation of a culture, a company, and a team. Your first set of employees are the most invaluable thing you have; 
  • Since you’ll get tons of information and feedback every single day, it is quintessential to separate signal from noise, and to remember the big picture;
  • If you trust your purpose, your business, your team, and your partners, it is a hell of a good journey 🙂

Share some of yours hitting me at LinkedIn or Instagram 🙂

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