Long time, no see

Long time, no see. Sorry, I’ve been busy, but I have a lot to tell. Since my last post, I have become the founder and CEO of Future Dojo, a joint venture between ACE and EXAME (one of the most traditional Brazilian magazines). 

A company created to empower people to unlock their growth and create their futures through Education about Business, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and the skills needed in this new (and chaotic) society and economy. 

I’ll tell you more about it when we officially launch our brand (soon!), but it has been a blast. I’m growing, making the business and the people with me grow, and having lots of fun. It’s maybe the last piece missing of my Growth Mind, the Teacher and the Apprentice

What I can say is that we launched our first “back-to-back” course: Transformação Ágil (Agile Transformation). It teaches Lean, Agile Manifesto, Kanban, and Scrum in a practical and ready-to-use way. 

That’s one of the marketing videos of the course 🙂

Also, I am featuring as a weekly columnist at EXAME (that’s a lot of prestige!), writing about the same themes (obviously).

You can read some of it here (in Portuguese):

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